Friday, December 17, 2010

Does Christ's Name on Something Make it His?

It's the Christmas time that a huge number of people in the world observe.  I'm not an observer of this time myself, as God my Father condemns such an observance.  There are a lot who call themselves Christians, though, who observe the time and day.  They'll say the most senseless things when confronted with the truth. 

For example, upon someone saying that Jesus is the reason for the season, I stated the truth of the matter, that he is NOT the reason for this season; he has absolutely NOTHING to do with it and hates it. 

That person said that the scriptures talk about Jesus' birth, and she thought Satan trembles because people observe his birth at Christmas.  Well, yes, I said, the scriptures do talk about Salvation's birth, but it has nothing to do with the winter celebration people observe, nor was his birth commanded to be observed. 

Another person said that she'd "always been taught" that Christ was the reason for the season, hence the name of Christmas. 

Yet another person said pointed it out to me in all caps, as if I was physically blind to the spelling:  He's the reason for the season, because it's called CHRISTmas. 

Wow, do people REALLY  honestly think that just because people call the day Christmas that it is all about Christ and that he's okay with it?  What if our government decided to rename the atomic bomb the "Christ Bomb?"  What if the ammo used in military guns were renamed "Jesus bullets?"  Would that somehow make the wars U.S. wages Christian?  Would the bomb and bullets be okay to use against fellow human beings then?  Would it automatically get Christ's approval, because someone put his name on it?

If we meditate on this, we see clearly that it is great folly to to believe something like this.

There are homosexual groups out there who put the name of Christ on them, like the Gay Christian Network, for example.  There are those out there who have created "Christian porn" sites.  There are "Christian" abortionists.  The notorious partial-birth abortionist George Tiller "The Baby Killer" who was recently shot and killed was done so as he was walking out of his church on "Sunday" morning.  I could go on and on, but surely the point is made. 

Christmas, which comes from two words--Christ and mass--means "dismissal of Christ," which doesn't make sense, seeing as it's supposedly his birth being observed.  The fact is that Christmas is the old Dies Natalis Sol Invictus (Birthday of the Invincible Sun), a day of worship to the false sun god.  Rome gave it a new name.  The church in Rome fornicated truth with pagan doctrines and observances. 

The truth is that Christians should have nothing to do with "Christmas." It's a deception from Satan himself.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Real Love vs. Lip Service

I like writing things under the topic of spiritual vs. earthly, and this is yet another entry dealing with this topic.

For awhile now, I've really been pushing hard for my two older children, young sons of 7.5 years and 3.5 years, to learn the difference between lip service and true love and faithful obedience. This is something on which all of us in God's Church should also meditate carefully.

I've always been a really loving person, very family-oriented. I value family time more than increasing in wealth. I would always want to talk and play games with my family when growing up, though I never got nearly enough. Ironically,I ended up choosing to spend more time by myself in my bedroom or outside in the woods, either reading or enjoying nature and meditating, rather than watch fruitless television shows. That was their idea of spending time together, day after day, hour after hour, and it never made sense to me, because although I don't mind watching interesting movies with my family now, it's because we watch things that we can talk about, and we do discuss them. We also spend only a small portion of our time doing such things. Watching hours of tv each evening together is not the same as interacting with each other.

My mother always told me that I told her, "I love you" too much and that the meaning lost its luster, because I wore it out. I certainly was not thinking in those terms. I really did just love her and wanted the same kind of love back.

Later, I married my husband, and the strangest thing happened. He told me one time that I say, "I love you" too often. He said something like, "You just told me a few minutes ago." This was TWICE I'd been told this by two different people. I was hurt. I have always been sincere in my love, and I didn't think anything of my frequent vocalizations of it.

Fast forward a few years later. My younger son, 3.5 years of age now, is a Jekyll and Hyde. He can be very sweet and loving, or he can be very raging and hateful. I'm working very hard to teach him to tame his spirit, to "have control" over it.

Well, he says, "I love you" a lot. Sadly, he also has many times screamed "I hate you," and that is something none of the rest of us ever say (and hopefully not think). In his case, he does a lot of lip servicing. He'll say that he loves, but he won't obey. Now, I did a lot of rebellious moves in my teen years, so my vocalized love toward my mother would have been in part lip service, but it didn't have to be that way. Neither of my parents made any moves to be close to me in my teen years. Neither of them had any interest in being my friend. I thought my mother was my enemy; she certainly acted like it. They had no problem sending me to a public school where I was surrounded by other rebellious teens who hated their parents, and some even told me that my mother was a bitch.

Looking back on it all now with a lot more knowledge and wisdom, my parents, whether knowingly or unknowingly, actively supported my dying love and disrespect for them in my adolescent years by approving of the system and setting me in it and never making time to have a deep meaningful relationship with me, because watching fruitless sitcoms was more important. They never even talked to me about the books I read, the music to which I listened, the friends I had at school, or what I was learning at school.

My son Trusten's constant vocalizing his love for me, when it stands with obedience, isn't botheresome to me. The number of times he says it does not aggravate me when he's being well-behaved. However, when he's in a streak of evil, and he tells me that over and over, I feel angry.

I meditated some on my own habit of frequently speaking words of love. I needed to be sure that there was no lip service going on. When I realized that I was clear of any guilt, I used the difference as a teaching tool for my children. When I ask them how they know that I love them, I say:

"Is it because I tell you many times in the day that I love you?"

At first, the answers were affirmative. So I asked something like:

"What if I said that I love you all throughout the day every day, but I called you awful names and beat you and hurt you, and I didn't feed you or I just let you as a child eat whatever you wanted even if it was junk, and I didn't care about you taking a bath and brushing your teeth, and I didn't care about you learning anything, and I let you play with knives, and I let you go wander off in the woods by yourself....

"Would you believe that I loved you, even though I said it?"

The answer, of course, was a NO!

So I asked how did they know I really love them. "Hugs, kisses, reading, toys, clothes, food, etc."

I explained that I also knew that I was loved back by hugs and kisses and trust and obedience. Whereas a parent shows love in providing basic needs, protection, and law, a child shows back that love by trusting and obeying. I remind my children of this over and over. It's a long process in making sure that when they reach adulthood, they will be fine neighbors, fine citizens in society.

Through all my meditation, I realized that vocalizing the words, "I love you" is another one of those things that fall under "physical reminders," this particular thing being a reminder to others, though if you show the love, it's not nearly as important to say it. A person can say it, just use lip service, but show that they do not by their deeds. Another person can show their love and never even say it, but others will know they're loved by that person. For more on outward show vs. the real deal and how it relates to the old carnal covenant vs. the new spiritual covenant, read my study Old Covenant Carnal Showings.

I don't see myself ever ceasing to remind others that I love them, because I know how the human heart and mind is, and I know others like to be TOLD--reminded in this way--that they are LOVED. The more important thing, though, is that I never stop showing it with my actions. Saying it has benefit ONLY when backed by truly showing it, much like Paul said that circumcision of the flesh only has benefit when the heart is truly circumcised.

Our Lord Salvation does not even have recorded words of, "I love you" to any of us, but it is recorded that he said, "No greater love hath a man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." He did that for us. He showed his love to us. He never said, "I love all of you who will follow me in the years to come." We KNOW, however, that he does love us by what he did.

God provides us with all our needs, and He provided our brother, His Firstborn, our Lord Salvation to give us grace through the shedding of his blood. Those of us who truly love God back do so by trusting and obeying Him. Those who do things the way they see right in their own eyes, including worshipping God the Father the way they see fit, may love God to a point, but they do not love Him more than they love doing what they want. That is what I always tell my boys when they do something they were told not to do. Sometimes the excuse is even made that it was done because they love me, because it was a good act. But, if it SEEMS like a good act done for the parent, but it clearly transgressed a command, then it's not a good act.

This is how many who claim to love God do when they keep their seemingly good traditions, like Christmas, Jan. 1, and Easter, etc. It transgresses the law of God, and most of them KNOW it, but they love those things MORE than they love God, so all they can do is just use the excuse, "But, we did it because we love you," just as I've heard from my own children, (in this case,more from my firstborn), even when he or they knew it would break a rule that we have. A quick example would be my son helping me in the kitchen by using a knife to cut up a fruit or vegetable. We have a rule of NO knives without permission and supervision, and yet he has taken it upon himself before to take the knife and start cutting, but then he said, "But, I was being good; I was helping you." If it's against a command, it doesn't matter how good it seems to be. It's WRONG. That is what the Lord Salvation will tell the children of disobedience. The Firstborn knows what makes the Father happy, and we should follow in our Lord's footsteps.

Is it said of you by the Lord, "He/she honors me with his/her lips, but his/her heart is far from me?" (Matt. 15:3, 7-9).

I do honor God with my lips, but my actions back up what I say, and I openly invite him, as David did, to SEARCH my heart.

What about you, dear reader?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Evolution in Lizard's Birth Method Proof for Macroevolution?

I finished reading an article about the evolution in a lizard's birth method.

Fascinating knowledge I just learned. I never knew that the reptiles that give supposed "live birth" actually still have their embryos in eggs but within their bodies, unlike birds and fish. Those reptiles that lay eggs are laying them in the latter stages (in other words, ALL reptiles start with embryos developing inside eggs inside the mother's body) of development. The reptiles that give live birth kept the eggs within them the entire duration, and the eggs THIN over time so that the babies can breathe, and when they are born, what is left of the shells are thin membranes.

YES, another fantastic microevolution/ADAPTATION within one species in action. Yet MILLIONS are deceived by thinking this somehow proves that one species metamorphs into another.

REAL science, REAL knowledge is discovered when there is EVIDENCE. EVIDENCE, EVIDENCE, EVIDENCE. That's the key word. That's what makes LAW/KNOWLEDGE.

Some humans ADAPT to their environment by NATURAL SELECTING genes for darker skin color to protect from the hot blazing Africa sun. Those in less sunny places NATURALLY SELECT genes for less melanin, hence lighter skin, in order to be able to produce sufficient Vitamin D. People in Alaska ADAPT to the cold temperatures by being heavier, having more fat, without negative health consequences.


CHANGING FROM ONE SPECIES TO ANOTHER IS NOT EVIDENT. There are SOME (very few) species that can breed naturally with other species, but the offspring are always, or almost always sterile. There is NO evidence of something up as high as a family, order, class, nation (phylum), and CERTAINLY NOT kingdom, CHANGING NATURALLY. There is NO evidence!!!!!!!!!

NO, human beings shall NOT evolve NATURALLY to a new completely different higher up being.

We have SEEN EVIDENCE that human beings can, with their intelligence, genetically engineer different kingdoms, mixing plant genes with animal genes, for example. BUT, we will not NATURALLY become anything else.
Human beings CAN evolve into a member of the God Kingdom (as opposed to man, which is like a mix of God and animal) ONLY through the genetic engineering of God Himself, and only the SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST will make it, and I do NOT mean the way animals survive--through killing, fighting, stealing, sexing with multiple partners, fathers leaving their young for the mothers to raise alone, etc. NONE of this will make a person fit for the God Kingdom. NOPE, no way. Those fit for the God Kingdom will survive by repenting of breaking his law, so then be covered by the grace through Jesus Christ, get the God Spirit begettal, remain faithful and obedient to God's law, and then be resurrected with a NEW body--evolution that is SELECT by God.

There you have it, folks.  I put my faith in the things for which I see the overwhelming evidence, and I don't have very much faith in things that are terribly lacking in evidence.  I'm an analytical scientist at heart.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Own Christmas Hate Propaganda (Hate Me if You Will)

Firstly, there are two main groups that are called Christians: followers of Christ and followers of Christianity. The former is the Savior of mankind, the Messiah, the Firstborn of the Most High God. The latter is a false religion that is patterned after the heathen religions that came to birth out of Babylon. The heathen/pagan religions have worshiped many gods, with gods and goddesses over each created thing, like the sun, the moon, the earth,and just about anything. The same things are found in each of the religions. The names are different in the different languages, though the meanings really are the same. A pagan emperor of the Roman empire--Constantine--had a vision of a cross and "Conquer by this sign," and so he used the name of Christ and the message of the cross to back his wars. Soon Christ's name was put on heathen feasts, and the feasts were used to worship the true God and the Lord Jesus Christ himself. This includes: the weekly sabbath being changed to the first day of the week, which the Romans call "Sunday," the day to worship the sun; Passover changed to Easter, the fertility feast of Ishtar/Ashtoreth/Easter, a pagan goddess and the celebration of the resurrection of Tammuz the sun god was ascribed to the true Son of God; Feast of Trumpets changed to Christmas, the birth of the sun, as it follows the winter solstice, the day with the shortest daylight hours,and this day is now labled as Christ's birth; Thanksgiving to replace the Feast of Tabernacles, and so on.

God made clear that we are NOT to worship him the way the heathens do (Deut. 12:29-32).

Satanists observe their own birthdays as the highest day,because it is the worship of oneself, a prideful, self-centered thing. This is not to say that observing a person's birthday is wrong, but it's others who love that person who observe that person's birthday. The Firstborn of God, Jesus/Yeshua would NEVER command for someone to make a big celebration on his birthday in honor of himself. In addition, evidence rules out the possibility that our Salvation was born in the Roman month of December.

It is not revealed to us what his birthday is, but it's likely around the Feast of Trumpets or Tabernacles. Regardless, we are not commanded to observe such a feast.

The truth is God hates the practice of offering sacrificial gifts under evergreen trees. He says it's the way of the heathen. He hates when people sing songs of adoration to evergreen trees (O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree, I think you are so lovely....). His Firstborn is the true way to eternal life. An evergreen tree is a physical symbol of eternal life. It is NOT true eternal life. We all know that those trees do eventually die. Santa is a fraudulent substitute of a reward giver. I recommend you read my short article on Santa Coming to Town for the TRUTH regarding the Feast of Trumpets and Jesus Christ vs. Christmas and Santa Claus.

God hates that people desecrate their bodies with swine's flesh, which is the most popular flesh served at Christmas feasts. Isn't it odd that most who call themselves Christians will admit that dogs, cats, horses, snakes, rats, rhinos, monkeys, turtles, etc. are unfit for food, but when it comes to hog flesh, they do not want to give up the fatty meat to serve God with a clean temple for His Spirit.

Christmas is a TIME, a season, that people observe, which culminates into a DAY. God warned about those who observed the wrong days and times. It's a LIE. True Christians do not observe this day nor time. It's a time of materialism, gluttony, drunkenness, and LIES.

As an innocent child, enjoyed Christmas and thought it was a holy day. Now I know the truth and HATE Christmas and the LIE it represents.

Do YOU love to live a lie, or do you rather love God and wish to worship him in Spirit and in Truth? (John 4:24).