Monday, January 17, 2011

Some Miss the Rebellious Years in the Prison School System

Recently, I've been carefully meditating on the prison school system and the adolescent rebellion that is common in mainstream society, as well as the difference between those who are glad those years of sin and rebellion are behind them and those who miss them with a yearning to be able to go back.

These reflections are a result of a lot of comments over the years by various individuals about missing public school. Well, I am one who can't imagine what is wrong in the head of someone who would actually miss being locked away in an institution for eight plus hours a day, five days a week, where you are made to sit in desks and be force-fed information you may or may not care about or of which may or may not be true, where you are punished for talking or questioning and for needing to visit the toilet, where you are not allowed to keep water or chew gum or eat a snack or, or or...

I've noticed a common theme, though, among most people who miss those days. They miss things like the memories of cheating on school work, sneaking this or that, and getting away with numerous other things. In other words, they miss themselves and their fellow peers all acting in rebellion with each other and getting a kick out of it. Interesting, I thought. Then I thought of the many in prisons who actually enjoy being there, because they have criminal minds, and they enjoy fighting, stealing, doing drugs, engaging in fornication, etc. inside the prison walls. These are the same things that are increasing in public schools. Even when locked away, they get away with evil.

I chose to do a quick research on people who actually enjoy an adult prison, and a blog with an article on the child and adolescent prison school system caught my eye. I agree very much with his post.

I've for many years called the public school system a prison. There is no freedom and no joy in learning, and so the love of learning dies in most people by the time they finish their sentence. Thank God I survived. I always loved learning and exploring, and I feel as if I was VERY robbed of precious time during those years. I also was not spending my adult-training years learning beside my mother how to be an adult woman. Instead, I spent my time being force-fed repeated basics and then nonsense that I would never use in my life, and then getting in trouble with my peers, both in and out of school.

So then I was thrown into the world with a major handicap, plus I'd been morally defiled. By God's grace, I chose to live as a truth-seeker, ever-growing in knowledge, and I chose to keep my children at home where they can function normally, learning in a normal environment.  They learn the basics of reading, writing, and math, and they learn everything else by asking and exploring and reading.  They learn to follow the law of God, and they go with me to places so that they can learn how to do things in the real world.  When they enter their teen/adolescent years, they should be ready to start their adult training, beside the parent of the same sex. 

My adolescent years, just like the adolescent years of most people in this nation, are stained terribly by SIN and REBELLION.  I remember in my elementary school years, my best friend and I were called "Goody Two Shoes" and were often persecuted for being studious and well-behaved.  As we entered our adolescent years, things became much more difficult.  We were under tremendous pressure to "be cool," and to be cool among your peers, you had to be bad.  Adolescents dishonor their parents, fight and say hateful things to others (some even kill others), abuse food and drugs, engage in sexually immoral behavior, steal, lie and cheat, and are never satisfied with what they already have. 

Oh, I feel just AWFUL about my adolescent years.  It's a time I want to ERASE from my memory.  I sure do NOT want to return to those days of imprisonment and sin. 

The public school system really is much like the prison system, even down to the poor quality food.  Just as criminals in our society are looked upon as "cool" if they've done time in prison, and the more they've done, the "cooler" they are, adult sinners of my generation and the one that followed crave the time of crime once again.  They look on those days as "the good ol' days," but most of us who have turned to God look back on those imprisoned and sinful years and loathe them.  We remember our sins, and we remember being locked up, and we are glad to have been set free.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

By Grace We Are Saved, Not by Works: A Lesson to My Son

This week when the children and I went to the market, my seven-year-old firstborn son exhibited behavior with which I was displeased.  He is usually my superstar helper when we go to the market.  I had to repeatedly remind him to do his responsibilities as he should and to not fool around. 

I told him after we left that I was going to give a bad report on him to his daddy.  It's close to an hour's drive back home, and when we were about twenty minutes away from home, Will said, "Momma, if a person does bad works, and then if he does more good works, does that [cancel out] the bad works?"

I knew why he asked.  He had been sitting back there formulating a plan to get out of the probability of being punished by his father.  He wondered whether he could get home and do all sorts of good works to get me on his good side, and then I would just cancel out his bad works with the good works of which he would have more, and so then he'd be saved from punishment.

I responded to his question, "No, sweetie, it doesn't work that way.  That would be salvation by works.  A person cannot be saved from punishment for bad works by doing more good works than he did bad.  Salvation from punishment can only come from grace."

I continued, "However, a person who does not stop his bad works and start doing good works won't receive that grace, but the fact remains that he did bad works.  Think of it this way.  Say I go out and murder someone.  I say to the judges that I am sorry, and I'll now do only good works.  I'll do the good works of not killing anyone else and will do all manner of other good works.  But, not killing other people doesn't and cannot make up for the person I did kill.  Only if the people who were hurt by that person's death gave me pardon, gave me grace can I be saved from punishment.  But people don't give grace to a murderer who feels no remorse and clearly has the mindset of murdering again."

Will said, "I need grace!  Momma, will you please give me grace and not tell Daddy?"

I told him that I knew he was usually well-behaved and that he needed to make sure it didn't happen again; next week when we go to the market, he'd better act the right way.  I added that he also needed to make sure he walked the path of righteousness for the remainder of the day, to the time his daddy would get home.  I ended by telling him that I forgave him and that I wouldn't bring charges against him to his daddy.

Well, much to my disappointment, Will let his own will get out of control for the rest of the day.  He can be so wonderful, but that day was not one of those days.  I told him he'd be getting a bad report.  I did give his daddy a bad report, and it included the market details.  The promised grace was no longer valid, because he had fallen from grace.

Our relationship with our Holy Father and with our Lord Brother, Salvation, is no different.  We are saved by grace, because we have all sinned, and the Perfect Firstborn, Salvation, sacrificed for us.  Big Brother took the blame for our wrongdoings.  He took the punishment from Father.  The punishment did not belong to him.  Salvation did no wrong in Father's eyes.  He was Father's Perfect Firstborn, playing a life out in human flesh without sin.  Salvation is Number 1 in Father's eyes, his most beloved Son.  None of us will ever come close to comparing, and certainly no number of good works is going to cancel out any bad works.  ONE bad work, ONE sin, and we come SHORT of God's glory, and Salvation, the Firstborn, is Father's glory.  We should all bow the knee to Salvation, because he's EARNED his right to be Father's Top Son.  None of us have EARNED anything...but death.  We all have at least ONE sin.  Salvation had NO sin.  We had better all bow to Salvation and do our best to be like him, and he'll give a good word to Father.  Father will see that we are trying to be like Salvation, though knowing we'll never be as good as Salvation, and honor Salvation before Father. 

That is how we get GRACE.  We have to have the heart of wanting to do everything right and trying to walk on the path of righteousness the way our Elder Brother Salvation did.  If we are not even trying to obey Father's household law the way Salvation did and do not care or only care about some commandments but not others, then we shall not get grace from Father.

It's interesting to me that most of those who call themselves "Christian" shout to those who keep Father's commandments and do not play the whore in Father's household but keep themselves as a virgin in his Royal Household, "We're not saved by works!  We're saved by grace."  Well, those of us who keep Father's commandments are not seeking to be saved by works.  We are seeking to be saved by grace.  We truly were remorseful that we had broken Father's commandments--all ten of them--and we turned to good works.  No matter how many times we don't steal, it won't make up for the time(s) we have stolen.  No matter how much we do not murder, it won't make up for the times we did (even in heart).  We're not saved by works.  But, we know we're not going to get covered by that promised grace through Salvation before Father's throne if we do not change our ways. 

If Will acts up at the market next week, he'll really be in trouble, because it is known that he can conduct himself properly and make me very proud, and so if he does not even try to do what is right and instead acts out of line--off the right path--he won't receive grace.  It'll be even worse.  It's pretty bad when someone gives a transgressor grace, and then he goes back to the evil deeds he had claimed to be remorseful for and turn away from.

So, those saved by grace won't be those who shout loudly to Father's righteous sons that they're "saved by grace, not by works," but those saved by grace will be the ones who sought grace and then stopped breaking the commandments.  Most of those "saved by grace" shouters agree that one should not murder, steal, commit adultery, lie, etc.  It's mostly the fourth commandment with which they hate.  They prefer to fornicate--to play the harlot in Father's Royal House--by keeping pagan-originated holidays, like the weekly "Sunday" first day of the week and the annual holiday feasts of Easter and Christmas, etc.  They do not want to walk as Salvation did, keeping the commanded holy days of Father that outline our plan of salvation.  Father and Salvation are not pleased that those who claim to be in their Household do not keep Sabbath on the seventh day of the week, Passover, Unleavened Bread, Pentecost, Feast of Trumpets, Atonement, Feast of Tabernacles, and 8th Day.  This reveals the true Salvation, the true Christ. 

Oh, how I LOVE the I love and meditate daily in Father's royal law.  I aim to please him daily. I cry when I fail miserably to compare to my Brother Salvation.  Oh, but I then THANK Father for his grace and Salvation for his name, because he is my Salvation.  I have FAITH that I am under the loving GRACE of my Holy Father, because I invite him to search my heart so that he knows I love him and aim to please him and follow Salvation's footsteps and because I honor Salvation as the rightful TOP HEIR and am just thankful that I even am called worthy enough through grace to co-inherit my Father's possessions. 

PRAISE you, Father, Most High, and my Beloved Lord Salvation.  Blessed are you both by those in your Royal Household who LOVE and SERVE you in SPIRIT and in TRUTH!