Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pentecost: A Lesson on New Life

On the weekly Sabbath day (May 18, 2013) my firstborn son Jaden William (nearly 10 years of age) found a newly-hatched chick when he went out in the morning to let the chickens out.  Three weeks before he had marked two eggs of his favorite, chicken Grace, one day apart, with a black marker, so that he would not remove them from the nesting box.  He had tried twice (once last summer and once this spring) to use an old incubator to hatch chicks.  He finally concluded the incubator needed to be broken apart and the parts recycled.

Leaving the eggs with the mother brought about success.  The other egg has not hatched (and may not have been fertilized). If it does, William will leave the chick with Grace, its mother.  William chose to take the first chick for himself, though.  He has lovingly cared for the baby bird by providing water, cutting up worms and letting it peck at insects and spiders, as well as letting it snuggle up to him practically all day.  If he leaves it for a minute, its peeping becomes loud and urgent.  Anytime William leaves its sight, it becomes frantic-sounding, just as any human baby attached to its mother.  Oh, how he loves that chick!

We enjoyed Pentecost (May 19, 2013), the holy day of our God that teaches us about new life in Christ, receiving the begettal/conception of the Spirit of God so that we can be born at the first resurrection as a spirit-bodied Child of God. That Spirit is a Helper to us when we repent of our sins and are baptized and have hands laid on us.  It's too difficult to overcome sin with the spirit of man alone.  We live in bodies of flesh, no different than the animals do.  The God Spirit is perfect, though, and so it helps us walk in righteousness and comforts us in our weakness.

Just as the little chick, the chicken child of Jaden's Grace (the hen), is a new life and is helped by William, children of God our Father and His Grace (the Firstborn of our Father, our Lord Salvation the Anointed One who is our Elder Brother) are helped by the Spirit our Holy Father gives to us.  The Spirit nurtures and nourishes us spiritually so that if we remain faithful and abide in Father's will, we will be successfully born into the Family of God at Christ's return to this earth, and we will assist as kings and priests to the King of Kings and High Priest our Lord Salvation, in teaching mankind the Way of God. 

I yearn for the day I am born into the Family of God.  I strive to keep myself spiritually fed with the help and guidance of my Father's Spirit (Seed/Sperm) so that I do not prematurely abort. The wonderful Pentecost feast annually reminds me of my begettal/conception as a child of God and my future spiritual birthday and marriage into the Royal Family and the death of this horrid body of flesh. 

Godspeed that day.  Father, YOUR Kingdom come, YOUR will be done on this earth as it is in heaven (and right now, as a whole, God's will is NOT carried out on this earth).