Friday, October 23, 2009

In God We Trust?

I get emails and such every once in awhile that make a big deal about the removal of the national motto "In God We Trust" from various public places.  I got such an email today.

Now, it's not that I don't think the removal of "In God We Trust" isn't a big deal; quite the contrary.  But, rather the point I wish to make is that it's quite hypocritical.  After all, seventy-something percent or more of our nation's population claim to be "Christian," and yet if that percentage was truly Christian, we wouldn't even have this issue.

The fact of the matter is that not even close to seventy percent of people in our Israelite nation of the United States of America trust in God.  Whenever my husband or I tell one of our children to do something or not to do something, and he or they choose to disobey, we become upset and ask the child(ren) why he did not trust us.  Why did he disobey our words?  Trust and obedience goes hand in hand.  If a person trusts another, why would the person disobey that person's words, unless the person just flat out delights in following that in which he or she knows is false?  If I tell my son he's in extreme danger of getting hurt if he rides his bike without his hands on the handlebars as he's going across bumpy terrain, why would he, in his right mind, then ride his bike with his hands up in the air while speeding across bumps?  Either he didn't believe--didn't trust--what I told him and rather believed that he was not in danger of getting hurt, or he didn't care whether he got hurt and was willing to take the risk of suffering bad consequences for temporary pleasure of delighting in folly.

Our nation's people, over all, do not trust God.  They may trust certain things He has said, but for the most part they do not trust Him.  They are liars.

This nation's people--stiff-necked Israelites and the strangers that live among us--have rejected God's words as false.  They have rejected His perfect Law, defined by its ten commandments and their statutes.

These people draw close to God with their lips, but their hearts are far from Him; they are hypocrites (Matt. 15:7-9).

This people daily breaks the first commandment by putting other people and things before the Most High God.  They put other gods before the Most High.  It's not wrong to honor others, but God comes first, and when men are wrong, we should rather obey God (Acts 5:29).

The people of this nation breaks the second commandment by making special a likeness of a heathen god with long hair and a beard.  They call the likeness Jesus Christ and feel as if they are honoring him by hanging up pictures of this likeness.  This people erects idolatrous images such as the Statue of Liberty and the phallic Washington Monument obelisk.  They sport obelisks on top of their church buildings.  They erect crosses and Christmas trees, and they even sing praises to the tree:  "O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, I think you are so lovely!"  They then offer gifts (sacrifices--they sacrificed time and money) under the evergreen, just like heathens throughout all time.  A certain percentage of this people bow down to and kiss various images, including the heathen goddess known by various names and the title "Queen of Heaven" and whom they claim is the "Virgin Mary," the mother of our Christ.

This people daily breaks the third commandment by claiming that they follow God and yet break His commandments.  They worship Him in vain.  They commit blasphemy.  They throw around His name and titles carelessly and also throw around blessings and curses by Him carelessly and profanely.

The people of this nation break the fourth commandment by profaning the seventh-day sabbath that was sanctified and made holy from the very beginning--from Genesis 2:2-3--and by instead honoring Rome's substitute Sunday, the first day of the week, and today even most professing Christians don't even rest on Sunday or set aside time to spend with God and fellowship with other Christians and do more bible study.  They call God's true sabbath and other feasts [like Passover and the Feast of Trumpets] that outline the true plan of salvation a burden of all things, but they delight in Rome's feasts that are entrenched with heathenism--the abominable Christmas, Easter, January 1, Halloween, etc.  They reject God's calendar and his new year and his new months (new moons).  They engage in unfair labor practices.  They reject the Creator's land sabbaths, and instead they rape the land year after year and spray toxic pesticides on the land and its crops.  They use toxic synthetic fertilizers to return nutrients to the soil, due to their wicked transgression of the land sabbaths.  More and more of this nation's people, even those who profess to be Christians, believe and teach that we evolved from apes, rejecting the creation account in the scriptures.

The people of the United States break the fifth commandment by dishonoring our Father God by disobeying all His commandments, and they dishonor their mother earth that our Father gave to us for our nourishment and nurturing.  They dishonor their earthly father and mother by disobedience and curses.  The parents dishonor their children with more various abuses and neglectful actions.  They do not teach their children the Law of God each day and how to follow it with their thoughts and actions, "marking them on their hands and foreheads."(Deut. 6:7-8) Instead, parents teach their children lies like the Christmas Santa Claus and that Christ was born on December 25 and the Easter Bunny and egg hunting (rooted in heathen worship of sex and fertility) and that Christ rose on Easter Sunday.  They encourage them to have Rome's mark on their hands and foreheads (Rev. 13:16), to follow the ways of Rome in their thoughts and actions.  The parents sacrifice their children to Molech by aborting them or making daycares and unGodly public [government] schools rear them.

Our stiff-necked people breaks the sixth commandment by murdering a hefty percentage of every child conceived, especially children who would have been destined to be firstborn.  They are sacrificed to the god of this world.  They are sacrificed for convenience, for the pursuit of materialism, for selfishness.  Infants and older children are injected with deadly vaccines.  Babies are fed ill-health-causing formula even when the mothers can breastfeed.  People feed themselves and their children abominable meats like pork, squirrels ("tree rats"),  lobsters ("cockroaches of the sea," as my husband calls them) and would-be healthful meats like beef and chicken, if they weren't factory-farmed.  They delight in gluttony and drunkeness and the abuse and misuse of other drugs--some of which are fine in moderation for recreational, medicinal, and religious use; and some dangerous manufactured ones that should never be used.  They believe and trust the US FDA, rather than believe and trust God's FDA.  Much of the food and drugs that this people consume are absolutely abominable.  There are more and more whacked-out citizens of this nation who go on killing sprees and murderous rampages.  More innocent children are brutally murdered.  Children are even murdering other children.  People are hateful and disrespectful to each other.  Less and less people even smile or wave, anymore.  People delight in fighting sports--both people fighting people and animals fighting animals.  They engage in reckless driving and road rage.  They let their dangerous pets roam loose, without regards to the protection of their neighbors.  Men abuse their wives or their children.  People partially or totally disregard their health, hygiene, and safety or that of others.

The hypocritical people of this nation that claims to be "under God" nearly totally disregards the seventh commandment.  The marriage covenant is not taken seriously.  Divorce is considered almost a certainty in every new marriage, and adultery thrives.  It's actually statistically higher among those who profess to be Christians.  Fornication and pornography runs rampant.  Homosexuals engage in the most abominable acts.  Children are prey for sexual perverts, at risk of pornographic exploitation, molestation, and rape.   Musical lyrics are tainted with immoral sexual references.  Books and movies are awash with cheap immoral sex.  A large percentage of the populous is infected with at least one STD.  People engage in sex during menstruation and delight in doing so.  This hypocritical people lusts after movie "stars."  They wear immodest clothing.  The physical fornication and adultery of this nation reflects their spiritual fornication and adultery, their fornicating with a false christ, all the while claiming to follow the true Christ, who kept His Father's Ten Commandments.

This nation's people delight in breaking the eighth commandment.  They steal from God in denying Him tithes (Mal. 3:8).  They steal time and property from their employers.  They shoplift.  Some commit burglary.  Some commit robbery.  Some commit identify theft and/or credit card fraud.   They violate copyrights, and they plagiarize.  Some are guilty of kidnapping. Some mistreat their hired servants and cheat them of wages.  Bankers and individuals are guilty of excessive usury or usury upon the poor.  The hard-working poor are oppressed, and the lazy poor are rewarded for their laziness.  Vandalism and other property damages are common.  Animals' rights are unheeded.

Our people reject the ninth commandment.  False witnesses are numerous.  We're swamped with bribes.  It's hard to find trustworthy friends and associates.  Vows are broken.  Gossip reigns.

Our people delight in breaking the tenth commandment. Contentedness is nearly non-existent in this nation.  Desiring material things is okay, but not when it leads to idolatry, stealing, etc.  When a person cannot desire something while being content with what he has so that if he does not obtain what he desires,  he's still happy, then he has a problem.  Our people just want and want and want more and more and are simply not content with what they already have.  They are unthankful and materialistic.

So, "In God We Trust" is a blasphemous motto when it is uttered from the mouths of most of our people.  It's a transgression of the third commandment when it comes from most people's mouths.  If our people truly trusted God, they would not hesitate to deeply repent of their sins.  They would stop coveting and fornicating.  They would stop their idolatrous observance of Rome's festivals and would delight in observing God's, including his seventh-day sabbath.  They would start teaching their children the ways of God as a way of life and stop watching the trash on television.  They would break their idolatrous images.  They would throw away their pornography and dust off their bibles.  They would change their food and drug habits and their style of dress.   They would stop their stealing and their fighting and their cold attitudes toward others.

This nation as a whole does NOT trust in God.  They complain about the taking down of the displays of the Ten Commandments and the removing of the motto "In God We Trust," but in their living they reject the Law of God saying that it has been "done away."  If the Law has been "done away," then there is no sin.  Sin is the transgression of God's Law (I John 3:4), and where there is no Law, there is no sin (Rom. 5:13).  If there's no sin, then there's no need of a death sacrifice, and so Christ died in vain.  But, of course there is a Law, and only those who repent of transgressing it receive grace.  The rest must die for their sins, because the wages of sin is death (Rom. 6:23).  The sacrifice of Christ does not cover the unrepentant.  Many will say to him, "Lord, Lord, were we not good Christians who went to church every Sunday and gave to the poor and prayed to you daily for others?"  And Christ will say to them, "I never knew you.  You transgressed my Father's Law"  (Matt. 7:21-23).

What about YOU?  Do you trust in God?

Psalm 119:142, 163                                                                          

Monday, October 12, 2009

God Doesn't Always Give Us for What We Ask

A few days before we left for the annual Feast of Tabernacles my six year old son Jaden (formerly known by his middle name William) asked God to replace something immediately upon the spot.  It happened to be one of my back windows to my Jeep.  It was busted out by a rock thrown by the lawn mower well over a month ago, and we still haven't replaced it (but will soon).  Jaden told me that what he'd asked. 

I proceeded to tell Jaden not to expect a new glass window to appear before his eyes.  He asked me why not, since God can do anything.  I had to explain to him that God is not a magic genie that grants every wish upon our command.  There are plenty of times where God doesn't even give us what we want, even though He's a loving Father to many.

I said, "Jade, it's much like all the times you ask your Daddy or me for things, and we tell you 'no.'  It's our pleasure to give you thinks for which you ask, but we don't always give you those things, and many times it's not even in your best interest."

I explained that we'd likely have to buy a new window and pay someone to install it.  Even though it was an accident, we still have to put the money and effort into replacing it ourselves.  I told my son that most of the time we had to work for things to get done or to earn things.  We are no different than God in this respect.  My Father doesn't pass out goodies and blessings and easy fixes to me or any of His other children every time we ask.  It simply doesn't work that way.

Jaden was satisfied with my explanation and learned a little more about what God is really like with that lesson.