Friday, April 15, 2011

"Forever" in the Old Testament: Does it Always Mean Eternal?

There is a growing number of people in Christendom coming to see the truth that the religion of Christianity started by Rome is a mixing of the truth with pagan/heathen doctrines.  Many are coming to understand many truths, such as the true Sabbath being the seventh day of the week--not the first, and that God's seven annual feasts and seven holy days are the ones found in Leviticus 23 and do not include the pagan Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and other wicked days in disguise that are listed on the Roman calendar.

However, a large number of these people, rather than carefully PROVE ALL THINGS, put themselves under the old carnal covenant.  Many of them are in effect rejecting, at least in part, the new better spiritual covenant.  They are still blind, having a veil over their eyes.  They do not understand the teachings of Salvation (Jesus/Yeshua) our Savior, the Firstborn of God, the Word.  They do not understand the teachings of Paul.  Some of them go on to reject Paul, which is dangerous, because truly to reject Paul, one must also reject Salvation, for Salvation's teachings and Paul's are one and the same.  Yea, I recently found that one friend of mine no longer believes Salvation was the Messiah/Christ/Savior.  But, as the scripture in both the old covenant times and new covenant times teach, you don't really know the Father if you do not know the Son.  You can't have one without the other, because they are one, just as Salvation and Paul are one.  And all that are Spirit-begotten and are walking in the Spirit, growing in grace and knowledge, recognizing Christ as their head and Father as Christ's head, should all be at one.

I'm about to explain one of the things that seem to so confuse those who have decided to throw away their love of the new covenant and what our Savior did, and so rather than keep the law (including the holy days) under new covenant law, they believe they are to keep the old covenant, which is INSANE, because it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep it perfectly. There are many things that are impossible to do.  There is no temple, no Levitical priesthood, etc.  These people MISS THE BOAT!  They teach penile flesh circumcision is still a must.  They teach wearing tassels is a must.  Oddly enough, though, though they condemn themselves with their own WORDS that they must keep ALL OF THE LAW OF MOSES IN LETTER, I don't know any of them that wear scriptures on their hands and foreheads. Oh, there are Jews who still wear phylacteries on their foreheads.  Looks absolutely ridiculous!  Just do a Google image search.  Does that honestly help them keep the law?  Certainly not the way God expects one to.  ONLY having the begettal of the God Spirit helps keep the law in spirit as God intends. The person always is WANTING to do what is right and is so properly led to do righteousness.  My almost-eight-year-old son is just a child, and even he understands.  He says, "Momma, it's hard to not do the wrong thing."  And I did a video interview with him regarding penile circumcision, and he revealed how absolutely carnal and ridiculous the people with carnal covenant mindset are.  He understands one must be changed IN THE HEART.  Carnal people are concerned with OUTER SHOW.

FOREVER!  The carnal covenant people are stuck on this word "forever" in the old covenant scriptures.  Some of them seem to even think it means "eternal."  Well, I'm sure we'd all agree that we should NEVER commit adultery.  We should ALWAYS/FOREVER keep our marital vows.  Right?  But, what does NEVER, ALWAYS, and FOREVER mean?  Man marries. God does not.  When we are no longer in the family of man but are in the family of God, there will be no marriages.  No need for such a law for eternity, is there?  Even in the family of man, FOREVER does not literally mean FOREVER, does it?  What if the covenant is broken by death?  Is not the person freed from the covenant to his or her spouse?

If I told my young children to ALWAYS hold my hands or hold each other's hands before walking across the road or parking lot, to NEVER not hold my hand, what does that mean?  Are they expected to be attached to me literally ALWAYS/FOREVER until I die?  When they become adults, does that rule still apply, even though I said ALWAYS/FOREVER?  Of course not!  People who actually REASON in their heads know this is not the case.

I'm now to going to quote what I said in another recent blog post that discusses the "forever" issue:

2. Under the old covenant, per the law of Moses, a person is commanded to choose a physically unblemished lamb, a male yearling, on the tenth day of the first month of the year and keep it up until the fourteenth day of the same month, take the blood and paint the doorposts of his home, roast the lamb whole (no boiling) and eat the flesh of the entire lamb along with unleavened bread and bitter herbs (Ex. 12:13).  It was to be an ordinance throughout Israel's generations, forever, to remind them of God's saving power to deliver them from Egyptian bondage (vs. 14, 17).  However, under the new covenant, Salvation the Anointed King is our spiritually unblemished (I Pet. 1:19) Passover lamb, and he commanded us to keep the NEW covenant Passover with unleavened bread and wine to symbolize his broken body and shed blood and that we are to keep it to remind us of his death, which is God's saving power to deliver us from bondage to sin (Luke 22:20; Matt. 26:28).  Do you keep the old covenant Passover or the new covenant one?

Uh-oh!  Those old-covenant teachers MUST reject Salvation's teaching, if they are going to reject Paul for adding or taking away from the law of Moses, because Salvation did it!!!!!!!!!  THEIR MOUTHS NEED TO BE SHUT!  They keep leading people astray.  This goes back to the scriptures Paul wrote to the Corinthians that the Jews were so foolish that they could not see in the reading of the old covenant that the old ordinances were to come to an end.  They were TEMPORARY!  A daughter is to obey her father FOREVER!  But, unless you are a complete fool, you know that the meaning of "forever" that I just used is not as long-lasting as some would like to make you believe that the "forevers" in the old covenant are.  When a daughter is given in marriage, she then belongs to her husband and obeys him!  IT NEEDS NOT TO BE DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND!


6.  Under the old covenant, it was commanded that we hate certain enemies, for example the Ammonites and Moabites (modern-day Jordanians) were not to enter into God's congregation forever (Deut. 23:3).  Oh, look!  There are those words "for ever" again (even though it had just said ten generations, so we can use LOGIC and conclude that "for ever" in this verse meant that UNTIL the ten generations were up, the people were forever not to let those people in God's congregation).  The Lord Salvation taught that we should love our enemies (Matt. 5:43-48) and be forgiving and merciful.  We shouldn't judge anyone by what their ancestors did.

Do you now understand that "forever" doesn't mean "eternal" like some will have you believe?  Yesterday, a friend of mine posted something on FB about Passover being a commemoration of the exodus of the [physical] Israelites from the Egypt.  I commented and said that the old covenant Passover was a commemoration of that event, but the new covenant Passover is a commemoration of our Savior's death, and it has new symbols.  HE is our Passover Lamb, and we now partake of unleavened bread and wine as the symbols to symbolize his body and blood.  We don't eat his physical body.  Those things SYMBOLIZE partaking of his divine nature.  In the carnal covenant, people ate a carnal (fleshly) animal--a lamb without physical blemish, but the new covenant Passover is all about remembering the spiritually unblemished Lamb of God who rescued us from SIN.  Being released from the bondage of Egypt was a TYPE of being released from the bondage of sin.  Another person commented on the post and said that the Passover was commanded to be an "eternal ordinance."  I simply replied and said the scriptures taught no such thing.  And they don't.  Once the plan of salvation, as pictured by the seven feasts and holy days, is complete, there will be no need for the Passover.  There won't even be the sun and moon for our times and seasons.  There will be no such thing as a solar year, so definitely no Passover in its season.  No need for that.  The former things will be passed away, our sadness forgotten.  And as for THIS TIME, while the Passover DOES still stand, the old covenant one has been REPLACED by the new covenant one.

Of which Passover will you partake?  Will you be having a meal of lamb, unleavened bread, and herbs and be spending your time thinking of the physical nation of Israel being led out of Egypt, or will you eat your meal of whatever before you partake of the new covenant Passover, which is not a meal but the partaking of unleavened bread and wine while meditating on Christ's death and how we need to partake of his Godly spiritual nature?  Old covenant law or new covenant law?  If you do the former, you break the latter.  You decide.  The old covenant is DEAD, just as a husband of a wife can die.  I'm betrothed to Christ.  Which covenant have you entered?