Sunday, June 8, 2014

Eternal Life: Free for Just Believing? (A Pentecost Message)

My firstborn got out my laptop this morning and was going to pull up the daily devotional for himself and his siblings, which we use from  I skimmed it, as I always do first, because I simply skip some altogether, and I realized the main point was that eternal life is a free gift.  That much is true, but it didn't stop there.  The dad in the story declared that all you must do is believe eternal life is a free gift and accept it. 

Really?  Anyone who simply believes eternal life is a free gift can accept that free gift?  So, regardless of how a person lives his or her life, that person will live on paradise earth with the rest of us forever?!  It wouldn't be a paradise.  What would be the point of creating us with earthly bodies in the first place, when our Creator could have simply cloned himself numerous more times, just as he did with his first son (who also later lived in an earth body to prove himself).  If God could asexually reproduce himself one time, why should we think he couldn't have done it many times over?  He could have!  He can!  But he later came to realize that would be evil, because he realized that some do not desire to live under his authority.  He had created beings rebel.  So that is the reason why we're in earthly bodies in the first place, so we can be given choice.  And if that choice is to live in an evil way toward others, changing that person into a perfect spiritual being is a force to live forever against that person's will.  That person would not want to serve God and so to make that person perfect would be forcefully making that person someone he or she does not want to be.

Those in the Protesting Catholic groups who are part of the horrid Christianity religion (and not all, but most of them) go straight from the meaning of Passover (sacrifice for our sins) to the meaning of Pentecost (receiving the begettal of the God Spirit), totally skipping over the meaning of the feast and holy days between—Unleavened Bread (repenting and ridding one self's life of sin).

Today is Pentecost, and it's an awesome day!  It pictures persons being conceived with the God Spirit, which helps them walk on the right path and comforts them through life's trials.  It also guarantees that those persons will be reborn as spiritual-bodied children of God at the Anointed's return to this planet to set up the Kingdom of God, so long as the begotten child does not abort at some point in this life due to horrid malnutrition (exposure to bad things and lack of exposure to good persons, good writings, etc.) or to extreme injury from which he or she does not attempt to recover (like the death of a child or other loved one, loss of limbs, etc.). 

But the Spirit is only given to those who have demonstrated obedience and the desire to get the needed help to continue (Acts 5:32; 2:38).

You cannot cut out the step between the Passover sacrifice and the Pentecost spiritual gift.  There is a prerequisite before the Spirit-begettal that is the free ticket to eternal life.  You must repent!  

The reason eternal life is "free" is because all have sinned and come short of what Holy Father expects.  Salvation, the Anointed Firstborn (called by most "Jesus Christ" or by some "Yeshua Messiah") showed the expectation.  He's the glory of God, the glory-child.  We've all come short of that.  So the reason eternal life is free is because the two holy ones chose to save us, regardless of our sin, if and only if we repent and live a lifestyle of righteousness.  That means striving to do our best.  That means for men to strive to be like Salvation, and for women that means to strive to be worthy of having been his wife.  In stricter terms, it means we all should try to be a perfect glory-child, knowing we won't reach that perfection in our carnal bodies, but in our hearts that is who we are and so how we strive to get our brains and bodies to work to follow.

Praise our Great Father and our Beloved Lord Salvation for this wonderful holy day and for all it means, but don't forget that the meaning of the Unleavened Bread feast also represents an attitude that should be ongoing in our lives, and the gift of Pentecost is not possible for those who skip the meaning of Unleavened Bread.

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